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This web-portal describes what we learned working with over 1,000 teams to enhance performance and reduce risk. This journey began in 1990, when I (Charlie Pellerin) was in my eighth year leading the Hubble Space Telescope development team. My team built, and then launched the world’s most anticipated telescope. We then discovered that Hubble telescope had a flawed mirror, and was useless. When I thought things could not get any worse, the Failure Review Board reported that the root cause was a “leadership failure.” I was the leader of the Hubble team. After I mounted Hubble’s space repair mission, I dedicated myself to understanding how social forces affect people and teams. 

"Charlie Pellerin invented a way for team members to achieve superior business performance and in the process live richer and more compassionate lives. By teaching us how to understand our customer's mindset and then to authentically shape our offering in response, he helped us win three major competitive proposals worth $9 billion."
- Greg Davidson, Director of Capture and Proposal Operations, Northrop Grumman Space Technology

Here are some ways that you can learn the 4-D System:

  • Read my book, “How NASA Builds Teams;”
  • Teach yourself with our on-line “Learning Tools;”
  • Download the “Fifth Force Assets;” and
  • Watch me brief the slides at “The Fifth Force Videos.”
Ever wondered how you and your team stack up against the very best at NASA? Through this book, you can dare to find out. But more importantly, if you (like me) didn't like the answer to this question, what would you do about it?I have felt the power of Charlie's technology. It offers not only candid feedback, but also the tools to make real and measurable improvement. That it's presented using colorful examples and an easy reading style makes it all the more compelling.
- Tim Barnett, founder, Caledonia Wealth Management, Ltd.

Use 4-D Team and/or Individual Development (Assessments) as your first developmental action. (You can read why in the “User’s Manual.”)

  • Get your “IDA Assessment 4-D” to manage assessments for yourself and others;
  • Get your “ТDA Assessment 4-D” to manage assessments for yourself and others;
  • If you would like to preview assessments see “TDA click-through” and “IDA click-through;” and
  • If you would like to see sample reports, see “ABC Team’s TDA Report” and “John Smith’s IDA Report;” and
  • View our Report Pricing.
    • TDA – 250$ (The requirements for team members are as follows: working together in a team/project for at least 3 months, maximum number should not exceed 20 people. If there are more people in a team, they should be divided into groups of up to 20 people.)
    • IDA – 250$ (for one person)
This book is an extraordinary guide to how to build effective teams to solve technical problems. The insights, based on years of experience in building teams for NASA, reveal a deep understanding of how technical people interact and can be motivated to work more effectively. Any organization where success requires a motivated technical staff will benefit from this readable book.
- Dr. Len Fisk, NASA Head of Space Science, 1985-1992
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    4-D Providers

We ask teams to decide whether they want a “Three-day Workshop,” or behavior-specific modules as they process each Team Development (Assessment). Use these resources to present a workshop or module:

  • Complete the on-line 4-D Workshop Learning Tool
  • Download the "Workshop Assets;"
  • View the “Workshop Video Narration;” and

You can also use a subset of these slides to provide “One Day Introductions,” as we do, for “publics.”

Dr. Pellerin knows how NASA works from long experience within the organization, and years of collaboration with the agency from outside. What he has learned about how NASA puts together teams to attain out-of-this-world goals will help you and your organization achieve your goals.
- Dr. Michael D. Griffin, NASA Administrator, 2005-2009

During a recent trip to Beijing, I suggested to a coach that she use IDA results to build a record over time of her effectiveness. She said, “Charlie, my clients will not wait months for results.” I responded, “I understand. Would you like to solve previously “unsolvable” dilemmas in about an hour? The Context Solving Worksheet (“CSW”) can do exactly that.

  • Download the “Context Shifting Worksheet,” and give it a try.
The compelling thing about Charlie Pellerin’s 4-D System is that it works. As a senior NASA leader, I witnessed a literal transformation as the 4-D system took root in our culture. In How NASA Builds Teams, Dr. Pellerin tells the 4-D story with concrete examples and clear analysis. I endorse this book in the strongest possible terms. However, what matters most is how the book’s “4-D System” has enhanced the lives and careers of thousands of practitioners."
- Rex D. Geveden, Former NASA Chief Engineer

Click on "Preferred 4-D Network Providers" to see who these entities are. We confer “Preferred” status when we can assure potential clients that these providers are highly-qualified. These are routes to preferred status:

  • Attend a three–day 4-D Workshop as an observer;
  • Put serious effort into staffing a 4-D capability;
  • Have strong recommendations from other preferred 4-D providers; and/or
  • Build trusting relationships with 4-D principals.

In other words, demonstrate to us through your actions that you both embody and can effectively provide 4-D services to clients.

Charlie Pellerin, using extensive, real-world examples, has developed the “4-D” process, providing deep insight into team performance. His book contains tools, attitudes, and habits to improve toward greatness. I find Charlie’s ideas persuasive and his explanations extremely clear. I strongly endorse this book. I believe the reader will find it entertaining as well as a wonderful approach to forge a more successful team. When I developed GPS, I wish it had been available to me.
- Dr. Brad Parkinson, first Program Director and Chief Architect of the Global Positioning System (GPS)
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