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Welcome to John Smith's Individual Development (Assessment), "IDA." This assessment's report provides actionable information to enhance their performance. However, it is much more than an assessment; it is a carefully designed "learning tool," using the powerful stimulant of adult learning, repetition. Indeed, your learning from this assessment may benefit you as much or more than the insights you provide to Robert. This is why the word "Assessment" is in parentheses.

We assume that the assessment process is managed by a 4-D Network Provider, "Provider," who is a professional trainer, consultant, or coach thoroughly grounded in our methodologies.

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The Assessment/Development Process
The Individual Development (Assessment), "IDA" process has two distinct phases:
  1. This (10-question) on-line phase, requires a median of 15 minutes, although sometimes considerably longer, especially if it's your first time;
  2. Next, the 4-D Network Provider, "Provider" who managed the assessment briefs the report to Robert including three actions;
    • Generate behavior-enhancing action items;
    • Schedule your next IDA; and
    • Decide on future coaching/consulting sessions.

Commitment to Your Confidentiality

4-D Network Providers will not provide any data in the IDA report to anyone but the assessed individual, unless they have his or her explicit request to do otherwise.

Note: The assessment report will show whether you completed this assessment, did not complete, or "opted out," including your stated reason. If you are concerned about the consequences of not completing the assessment, your best option is to go ahead and complete it.

Finally, our system reproduces your comments in the report verbatim. Please think carefully about the effect of your words on Robert.

The Eight Assessed Behaviors
  1. Express Authentic Appreciation
  2. Address Shared Interests
  3. Appropriately Include Others
  4. Keep All Your Agreements
  5. Express Reality Based Optimism
  6. Be "100% Committed"
  7. Avoid Blaming or Complaining
  8. Clarify Roles, Accountability, and Authority

Technical Notes
The system "times-out" in one hour. If you need an extension, use the "break" button. Also, please use the buttons in the assessment to navigate. Browser buttons will take you to an error page. Note: When there are fewer than five responses, the system does not produce a report.